Hi my name is Nick Clarke, I have been a keen photographer for many years.

I picked up my first camera back when I was still living at home, my Dad was self employed as a commercial artist & photographer, so I had grown up around cameras & photography.

Back when I was a kid it was all film based (35mm & medium format) no digital and spending hours in a darkroom developing rolls of black & white film (I did try developing my own colour film, but preferred to stay with black & white at the time).

When I moved to London (back in the early 90s) I went down a different path, I got into a career in IT, working in various roles across many disiplines, eventually arriving at StoneHouse Logic Ltd where I have carved out a career as Regional Partner for West Yorkshire.

I’ve decided (in my spare time) to turn my attention back to Photography, having purchase a couple of Nikon DSLR’s with an assortment of lenses, a subscription to Adobe PhotoShop & Lightroom.

So here I am starting out with a website to showcase my work, hope you enjoy.

If you need a photographer for an event, why not get in touch